The FluidX Perception 2D Datamatrix Whole Rack Reader is the smallest, fastest and most versatile sample barcode reader in the industry.

Small Reader and Fast Results!

  • The smallest whole rack reader in the industry- 96mm (w) x 138mm (l) x 120mm (h).
  • Scans 96 Samples in < 1 second!
Simple Decoding
  • New “Single Tube“ feature - Decodes both racks and single tubes.
  • Uses a global, industry-standard decoding algorithm
  • Export to Word®, Excel® or PDF
  • User-customisable Word® template
Reliable and Flexible
  • Discriminates between a barcoded tube that cannot be decoded and an empty rack position
  • Reader will not attempt to decode empty tube positions so data files are kept “clean”
  • Extensive 5 year warranty
  • Use with any 2D barcoded sample storage tubes in SBS rack format.
  • Compatible with Windows XP™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™ and Windows 10™ operating systems
Connectivity and Data Integration
  • Uses only one simple USB cable for both data transfer and power
  • View results directly or integrate with other applications via ODBC connectivity for database integration or direct data output.


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