Introducing the XSD-1 – The fastest, easiest and most consistent single-channel capper and decapper in the industry!

 Automated Capping/Decapping of Sample Tubes has never been this Fast, Easy and Consistent!

The XSD-1 is the first-of-its-kind single tube capper/decapper in the industry. It provides a low-cost, reliable solution for managing the automated capping and decapping of single of larger sized master sample tubes such as centrifuge, cell culture and even glass tubes.
Unlike many products on the market that require an engineering change to to the torgue to tighten different tube types, the XSD-1 allows you to manage a variety of tube types with a simple, interchangeable cap-driver system change in 5 seconds. Now you can have a flexible, faster and lower cost option for managing the capping/decapping of your larger sample tubes in the laboratory!


Get one free extra cap driver kit with any purchase of a XSD-1 capper/decapper!

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