Poster authored by Brooks Life Science Systems and BioLife Solutions

Protect and manage your samples with the BioStore III Cryo Sample Storage System

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Key Features

  • Protect, Manage, and Access Samples at -190°C
  • Sample integrity: biosamples stored in vapor at -190°C, innocents protected during retrieval
  • Assured: samples held below Tg (-135°C) for 20+ days with full manual access if power/LN2 disrupted
  • Safe: outstanding ergonomics, minimizes risk of user injury
  • Flexible: up to 630 of 2” tall cryoboxes containing any consumable types
  • Affordable: offers cost-effective automation
  • Secure: access and inventories restricted to predefined set of users
  • Comprehensive: inventory, audit trail, reports, barcoding and LIMS connectivity
  • Proven: Brooks automation plus Chart MVE LN2 vacuum freezer